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Open For Business

Check out some of these resources listed below and click on over to our Small Business Resources page for information on how we can help you start, learn, grow and adapt your business to our ever changing economy. 

1. You can go to Texas Secretary of State website to find the information you need to start a business in Texas. Promote Texas Foundation offers counseling if you would like help sorting through all of your options. 




2.Writing a business plan. The SBA  (Small Business Association) has a "Create Your Own Business Plan" section. If you are unsure of how to write a proper business plan the SBA will walk you through this process telling you what you should include and how to really make it stand out. 

3. Each state has a business development center. It is a valuable free resource for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Simply go to the Small Business Association website, click on the Local Assistance tab and type in your zip code to find the nearest one to you. 

4. SCORE is another helpful site you can check out. They have a Business Plan Page and it is full of online business workshops and podcasts. They offer free mentoring in person and by email. 

5. So many entrepreneurs have an idea but are sure how to execute it or put it into motion. the SBDC has a ton of resources, classes, worksheets and more you could benefit from. They can help you organize your thoughts and bring your ideas to life. 

6. Shopkeep has a blog section where you can find Small Business 101 that is completely dedicated to planning and executing a new small business take off. This resource is free and full of information  and tools for each of the following topic: Inspiration, Structure, Planning, Insurance, Finance, Regulations, Location, Equipment, Inventory, Store Design, Staffing, Marketing,Growth and Exit Strategies. 

7. Business USA'S Start a Business Wizard is an online tool that asks you a variety of questions, such as whether you plan on opening a restaurant, invented something, or will be buying an existing business. After you've answered all the questions they make an assessment and prepare an action plan with steps to take and local resources based on you area by typing in your zip code. 

8. has a business start up page full of resources and information such as Checklists, Plan Guidelines, Marketing Forms and Templates. 

9. If you are aspiring to be a food vendor, or are a food vendor you can check out HEB's business centerThey have a ton of resources and programs you can check out!

10. Check out GOTEXAN for their amazing programs and resources! There are different level memberships each with great opportunities. 

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