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The Cookie Crave

519 Locust St, Denton, TX 76201


"The Cookie Crave is a nut free bakery. We started doing farmers markets and utilizing a commercial kitchen back in 2018. We started the business because of my severe nut allergies and my sons allergies to gluten and dairy. We opened up our retail store in Denton Tx 1 week before Covid hit in March 2020. We have over 40 flavors that we rotate monthly and create new flavors often. We sell 2 different cookie selection types, Our nut free cookie selection and our Vegan cookie selection which is gluten, dairy, soy and nut free. We also bake a variety of other sweet treats like rice Krispie's, muffins and brownies." -Veronica


Pearl Honey Spreads

3789 N Beach St Ste 209, Fort Worth, TX 76137

 (682) 227-7852

Pearl Honey Spreads started a few years ago, while I was looking for a healthier spread option for my daughter PEARL. She had asked me for PB&J. So, I went to the store to get a jar of spreads. Alas, all the ones I picked up included stuff that are not easily pronounced, corn syrups, refined sugars etc. so, we started our own.


Pearl Honey Spreads is a premium honey-based spread that offers an alternative to sugar based spreads. Our products are made with clean and transparent ingredients (just 2) i.e., raw creamed honey and organic spices. They are gluten, soy, dairy, coloring, preservative-free for both children & adults with or without a specialized diet and do not crystallize.


As you can see, we are uniquely different from current market offerings. And, many of our customers include those with specialized dietary needs. Choosy moms say that our products are the perfect topping for their little ones during meal and snack times (dips). You’ll often find us in households with a keen awareness of wellness and a desire to find healthier alternatives for their recipes, food, and enjoyment.



Moji Okuyemi


Chip Monk

(224) 578-5838

3042 Antoine Dr, Houston, TX 77092

Founded in early 2019 by David Downing and Jose Hernandez, ChipMonk Baking produces healthy, low-glycemic cookies and other dessert products sweetened with monk fruit and allulose (two naturally occurring sweeteners that don’t impact blood sugar). Jose created these recipes after being diagnosed with type-2 diabetes and subsequently controlling the disease through diet and exercise. Perfect for keto diets and people following gluten-free lifestyles, ChipMonk’s desserts are low-carb, delicious treats with all the taste and none of the sugar.

For more information, click here:

2022_THREE KEYS IG-2.jpg

Three Keys Coffee

(919) 475-0762

6306 Foster St, Houston, TX 77021 

Three Keys Coffee, named by Food & Wine as the 2022 Best Coffee Roaster in TX, is a family-owned craft coffee roastery founded by two Q-Arabica Graders. Three Keys Coffee offers a multi-sensory coffee experience through taste, sight, and sound. We explore the connection between art, music, and coffee through vibrant bag design, curated Spotify playlists to pair with each roast, and top-quality, award-winning coffee. Since formation, Three Keys has been shipped to all 50 states and can be found in 40+ Trader Joe's locations.


Three Keys Coffee was started by co-founders Tio and Kenzel Fallen through a shared love of celebrating coffee, music, quality and culture. In their travels to over 25 countries, many of which were coffee-producing regions, the couple developed an appreciation for specialty coffee experiences, eventually exploring the art of home-roasting, and then creating a company centered around their mutual affinity for jazz music. Tio has a professional background in mechanical engineering but played the trumpet for over 20 years so he was intrigued by the science of roasting but also drawn to the art of creating coffee, reminiscent of the artistic freedom and creativity of creating music. In fact the name "Three Keys" is inspired by the three valves of the trumpet.





Primos Coffee Co. 


Gustavo and Betty Ann Blandón met while attending TCU. Now they call Jinotega, Nicaragua, home where Gustavo runs the coffee farm his grandfather started in 1929. In 2014, Betty Ann decided to take their farm’s coffee directly to the consumer  and developed the brand Primos Coffee Co. She partnered with her brother and sister-in-law, Steve and Donna Coggins, who opened Primos Coffee Co’s roasting facility in Cove, Texas. Freshly roasted to order, Primos is medium bodied with low acidity. It has smooth, sweet characteristics with hints of cocoa and subtle citrus notes. From their farm and roaster to your home, you will enjoy every cup of Primos!


Teaz Sol

TeazSol has been Running on Tea since 2016 when it was established in Kemah Tx to provide natural and/or organic teas, free of artificial flavors and colors.


TeazSol started in 2016, however, tea has been running in the family for many years. Our founder (Me =) Tea Lady ) grew up drinking tea and running. After each long run, she used (and still does) to enjoy a simple iced cold Hibiscus tea. That was like the Kool-aid back then. Later in life, she realized that tea kept her "running" with energy, healthy mindset, and is when Teazsol Teas was born.


Sustainable and Simple

From its beginning, TeazSol has been committed to sustainability and simplicity!

Our packaging is compact to reduce the waste and the negative impact to the environment. Some of our packaging is even biodegradable. Zero waste!

All our ingredients are compostable and are used in our own garden.

Our herbs and tea blends are simple, natural, free of artificial ingredients but full of natural flavors. 



TeazSol is proud to be from Texas, and is a certified Go Texan partner.


I sell my popular teas in the Go Texan online market:

Go Texan Market

TeazSol Products 


CatSpring Yaupon

PO Box 43 Cat Spring, Texas 78933


Facebook Instagram

Available at Central Market & Whole Foods statewide


Hi, I’m Abianne. I started CatSpring Yaupon a decade ago. Since then, we’ve grown into a robust, woman-led company that cares about our land and our people.

In 2011, a historical drought swept through Texas. On our family ranch in Cat Spring, TX, we were losing everything from 100 year-old oak trees to hay. But the yaupon, typically considered a pesky weed, was thriving. As one local rancher said, “I’m glad it’s ‘yo-pawn’ and not ‘my-pawn’ so it’s not my problem.”

We discovered this naturally caffeinated native American plant had been consumed as a tea for millennia. How had something so special been forgotten? We’ve worked hard to make sure that all of our practices are sustainable so you can enjoy it in its natural splendor. After years of hard work and interest from all over the world, we’re glad we made the effort!

For us, sustainability is about more than the land: it’s about community, too. We understand the value of people and the power that comes when we work together. Which is why we have been intentional in how we hire, following our People First employment practices.

Thanks for being curious with us,
Abianne & the CatSpring Crew

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