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The Nuluv Goat Milk Products brand story: I am an urban transplant.  Six weeks after our wedding, my cowboy husband whisked me out of the city to a foreign land, filled with hay & goats.  I was fascinated (and, to be honest, slightly terrified).

Our dairy goat saga began in 2009.  Our toddler had trouble digesting cow milk, and my husband, being a 4th generation Texas Goat Rancher, was confident that fresh goat milk would be easiest on his tummy.  So, being the romantic man he is, my cowboy bought me a Nubian dairy goat, Dakota, for Valentine’s Day.  I fell in love.  Thus, Nuluv.  For the next few months, we added to our herd at every opportunity.  As our herd grew, I learned more about dairy goats, raw milk, and the benefits of goat milk for sensitive skin.  The wheels in my head began to turn. I began researching skin care recipes and baby products (my toddler also came with oodles of skin issues) and bouncing ideas off my husband - he has a mind for business and was very enthusiastic about my dreams. Within 6 months, God had taken this wild hair and created a business.

These days, Nuluv is a full scale indie skin care company. We operate with 4 milk maids, 2 milk men, and roughly 200 dairy goats. Nuluv is the largest goat dairy in Texas that operates without machines (we are committed to being a cruelty free dairy) and all of our goodies are 100% handcrafted on our farm, in our own production facility.

I am still fascinated (and no longer terrified) by this land filled with hay & goats.

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